December 11, 2012

Giving Back

It's December, so giving is in the air! In the spirit of giving back, Kim (our charity coordinator) would like to gather donations for Senior Services. They need non-perishable food (soup and easy to make items are greatly appreciated), toiletries, laundry detergent, etc. Please bring what you can to our next meeting (Tuesday, December 18 at 6pm at Sewingly Yours)! Kim MADE a little something for the person that brings the most:)
This is a list from the paper of items they need.

November 24, 2012

November Meeting Recap

We had a great meeting last Tuesday!

--Yadkin Valley Art Council Show, Not Your Grandmother's Quilt. Quilts due by December 15.
--Angie signed us up for a Michael Miller challenge. Details to come.
--Dues are due! Pay Tami. $20/year.
--Kim is the Charity Coordinator.
--Colleen is continuing as Swap Coordinator.
--Jennifer's baby girl, Madison, arrived!
--Kelly donated a quilt for us to raffle!! It's flea market fancy awesomeness.

Linda Kearsley, Senior Services

Their mission is "living with dignity" and they try to help seniors stay in their homes. Linda told us about some of their services. They're an appreciative bunch! She thinks we could make lap quilts, walker caddies and other items.

We all discussed our charity goals for next year. The online survey came back 50% seniors/50% children. We decided to do seniors for now and children later. We are also going to try to order labels for TMQG for the charitable donations.

Officers Meeting Ideas:
--Change the meeting location to a non-sewing shop. Move the location further into Winston to hopefully draw members from a larger area.
--Have Sit 'n Sews more often and at all the area shops.
--Have a yearlong block of the month challenge using Craftsy. Members will earn tickets for participating, as well as for bringing friends, finding speakers and more! Details to come at the January meeting.
--Propose amending the bylaws so the Vice President becomes President. This would take effect with next year's election.

Kim demonstrated an inset zipper.

Next meeting is December 18 at 6pm at Sewingly Yours. It's a holiday party!! Bring an ornament or Christmas decor item for our swap. We are also swapping pouches!

October 24, 2012

october meeting recap...

in case you missed the october meeting, here's what went down...

angie relayed some announcements from gina at the little general.  it's too late for you to do anything about the first (sorry), but there was a charm swap on saturday morning at 9 am at her shop.  she does this every month, so get on her newsletter list and go to one or two or 100.  :)

i'm stealing the second announcement straight from the little general blog, so i don't mess anything up:
The Little General invites you to join her for “Midnight In Paris,” a Grand Opening celebration! October 27th from 7-11, the “alley” in front of the shop will be transformed into a Parisian market street. Festivities will include beer and wine tasting, late night shopping at The Little General, the Painter’s Palate and Nekkid Dave, Camino coffee and baked yummies, live music (and maybe some dancing!?), local artists and handmade goods, and an outdoor screening of the film! This is an event you don’t want to miss!
next.  leanne brendle from the yadkin arts council (i think?) has requested quilts for an upcoming quilt show called "winter heat - not your gramma's quilt"... you know, bright and nontraditional.  they need them by mid-december and will have them until february.  a hanging sleeve is required.  let angie know if you're interested and she can give you the contact info.

we recognized outgoing officers and coordinators.  by recognized, i mean, they (we) got chocolate!!!

and angie already posted it, but we had a little chat about our possible charity for the next year.  if you haven't, please vote on the poll in the right hand sidebar. ---------> Poll is now closed...thanks to all who voted!

we talked a bit about a possible retreat.  locations.  costs.  etcetera.

then, we got on with the fun stuff.  folks exchanged their pin cushions and it was a good time for all.  :).

for the november meeting, colleen challenged us to bring a 12.5" unfinished block that has a square in it.  and green in it.   so, well, do that.  signups are still open (until sunday) for the pouch swap that will be exchanged at the december meeting.  also, at the december meeting (and by meeting, i mean party!!!), we will have a dirty santa homemade ornament exchange (like last year), so be thinking about that.

a reminder that this years dues are due by the november meeting.  $20.  and your membership runs through sept. 30, 2013.

we voted for new officers!!!

angie was voted in for a second term as president.
sarah (me. no longer secretary!!!) is the new vice president.
lee will be taking over the secretarial duties (and boy does she have some big shoes to fill).
and tami will stay on for another term as treasurer.

kim johnson will be the charity coordinator for the year.
and at press time, i don't think the other coordinator jobs have been filled yet.

annndddd... that's that.  thanks for letting me be your secretary.  :)

October 23, 2012

Pouch Swap Signups and Charity Poll

Wow - what a busy few days!

Our Zippered Pouch Swap sign up sheet is up, so if you would like to participate, please complete the form so Colleen can assign you to a partner. Signups are due this Sunday, October 28th.

Also, I'm happy to announce that Kim Johnson has volunteered to be our Charity Coordinator for the upcoming 2012 - 2013 year.  Given the discussion we had at the last meeting, we'd like to know the group's preferences for a charity focus.  The current options are (1) stay with SCAN, (2) stay focused on a children's charity, but not SCAN, (3) change to a Senior Citizen focused charity or (4) some combination of the above or a new suggestion. 

So, - please vote in the charity poll, found in the sidebar on the right side of this page.  If you have a suggestion for a specific charity and/or other idea, please let us know in the comments below.  The poll closes Thursday, November 1st.

And speaking of Coordinators - the Swap Coordinator and (new) Activities Coordinator spots are still open.  Email me at if you are interested or would like more info. 

Finally - don't forget that Sew South tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon.  There are several TMQG members who are thinking of going. 

Hope you're having a great week!

October 22, 2012

sew south retreat!!

if you read the ellison lane quilts blog, then you probably already know about this...

but, if you don't, she made a big announcement today that she's organizing/hosting a sewing retreat in charlotte (just a little over an hour away from us!!!) next march.

(there's even a "field trip" to the little general!)

you can find more information on the sew south retreat blog and the tickets go on sale wednesday oct 24th at noon.

October 15, 2012

october meeting!!

hello hello!!!

just a friendly update to let you know that our october meeting is on the horizon...
tuesday. october 16th.  2012.  6pm.  sewingly yours.

if you're reading this on the blog or with a reader, that means it's tomorrow.  if you are an email subscriber, despite my promise to get these posts out a day sooner, i have failed you and the meeting is most likely today.  :)

on the agenda is...

  • (finally) voting for 2012-13 officers. 
  • discussing/deciding 2012-13 charity options.
  • show and tell, as always.
  • and... the PIN CUSHION SWAP!!! (if you participated, bring your pin cushion wrapped or bagged, so your partner will be bursting with anticipation).
well, alrighty then....

see you tomorrow!!! (or today :))

September 17, 2012

september meeting recap.


our last ever second-tuesday-of-the-month meeting.

remember, starting next month, we meet on the THIRD TUESDAY, which happens to be october 16th.  at 6pm.  still at sewingly yours.

we had our september meeting last week.  a little crazy.  both lovely co-presidents were unable to make it, so we were kind of winging it.  we had to postpone election of next year's officers until next month - so there's still time to throw your name in the hat!

our guest speaker was jamie ledbetter, from SCAN, who gave a very informative talk on all the things the SCAN program does in the piedmont.  (there's a LOT).  and it was nice to find out where exactly our quilts will be going!  (reminder: sit-n-sew oct. 7, 2-6 at sewingly yours to work on scan quilts).  and we were able to hand over all of the quilts we've completed so far.

then, colleen led the charge as all of the participants of the red and aqua swap exchanged their handiwork.  can't wait to see all those quilts completed.

next month is the big pin cushion exchange.  if you signed up for the pincushion swap, you'd better be there, pin cushion in hand.  she didn't say, but i assume colleen would like them wrapped or in a bag or something to heighten the anticipation.  colleen, if you read this, let me know if this is not the case. :)

in october, we'll also start signing up for the next swap: a pouch swap!!

so, that was about it.  oh.  show and tell.

and one final announcement....

the weekend of oct 12-13, the davie county quilt guild hosts "hometown quilts of davie" in the brock gym at 644 north main street, mocksville.  admission is $5 and there's a bunch of quilt, a raffle quilt, a silent auction, vendors, an food.  it coincides (on the 13th) with the four oaks festival in downtown mocksville.  more info here.

ok then.  see you at the sit-n-sew!!

September 14, 2012

mark your calendars!!!

mark your calendars!

another sit-n-sew is on the books at sewingly yours.

sunday, october 7th.  2pm-6pm. 
bring some fabric or blocks or batting or your skillzz and we'll hang out and work on SCAN quilts together! 

oh. and a sewing machine and scissors and thread and all that good stuff.

hope to see you there.  and i'll (try to) remind you when the date gets closer.  

quiltcon block challenge superstars!

if you've been following the modern quilt guild blog, then you already know that our very own triad modern quilt guild has had quite a few of our own member's blocks being featured.  so exciting.  great job, ladies!

if you don't follow their blog, never fear!  i've compiled a list of the blog posts in which our very own piedmont-y folks were featured...

check it out.

postage stamps and repeating shapes: janet sowers and teri emerson
graphic stripes and angles: ania reich

wonky stripes: colleen yarnell

traditional motifs: carrie pippens and roxanne borrero

graphic squares, rectangles and boxes: teri emerson (again!)

pods and pixels: sarah peterson

can't wait to see if any of them make it into the big-time quilt!! :)

September 8, 2012

september meeting... it's just around the corner!!!

hello all!

just a quick little blog post to remind you that the september meeting is coming up on tuesday.  september 11th.  at 6pm.  at sewingly yours.

if you are participating in the red/aqua bee/swap, it's finally time to exchange!  (if you're participating and this is the first you've thought of it since signing up, you'd better get crackin'... nine blocks are due!!).  :)

so, that's that.
see you tuesday!!!!!

August 22, 2012

little general charm swap details

i emailed gina to get more details about the charm shop at the little general this weekend and here's what she said:
The Charm swap is THIS Saturday morning at the Little General at 9! Bring your favorite Little General fabric cut to 5" squares and trade 'em! You can bring as many or as few as you'd like--since this is new I don't know what to expect for turnout...But I'm coming prepared with a little morning yummy treat!
hope to see some of you there!!

August 21, 2012

august meeting recap.

well, well, well...  what do you know? i'm actually posting the recap within the "suggested" timeframe. :)

ok.  enough pats on my back.
here are the highlights of the august meeting that took place precisely one week ago...

this first one is important: our meeting night is changing.
currently we meet on the second tuesday of every month.  next month will be the last time we do that.  starting in OCTOBER, we will meet on the THIRD TUESDAY of every month.  please update all of your calendars and palm pilots and whatnot.
(i'll keep reminding you too!)

this month was the month that officers were up for nomination.  if you are interested in or know someone who would be interested in becoming a co-president, secretary or treasurer, let us know so we can get your/their name on the ballot for next months election.

colleen talked about the pincushion swap signups.  they are taking place now until august 26th.  you can read all the details on her blog post here.

tami delivered the message that this saturday, august 25th, at 9am, the little general will be hosting a charm swap.  there will be snacks and treats.  i repeat, there will be snacks and treats.

then, we had our stash challenge and some sweet prizes were won.  and finally, of course, show and tell.  check back later to the flickr group to see some pics.

also, if you weren't there, teresa from sewingly yours has offered some sweet discounts to our guild the last couple of meetings.  so, even if you think we are totally boring, it's worth it just to get some deals on fabric!

hope to see everyone next month...

remember: if you signed up for the red and aqua bee/swap, they are due at the september meeting.  get sewing!!!!

August 17, 2012

Pincushion Swap signups

 So here is the Pincushion Swap sign up information.  I have also posted the information below on our flickr groupThe link to the sign up form is at the bottom of the post.

In October we will be swapping Pin Cushions! The style & techniques to use are up to you and should reflect your partner's stated style & preferences. What is a pin cushion you ask? Its something that can hold pins. They can be a traditional round shape, made in a glass holder, the shape of a house, or it can be anything you want it to be. Pincushions can be embellished, made with materials other then cotton. However all should be able to be used as its stated purpose.

You will sign up for the swap by filling out the form below. I will keep a master list of swappers at the bottom of this post. This is a blind swap, meaning that all partners are kept secret. The person you are making a pin cushion for will not necessarily be the person making a one for you. You should also create an inspiration mosaic. See discussion topic on how to create one.  Big Huge Labs is the free app that I use.

Once you receive your partner information design and create a quilt for that person. You are free to use whatever techniques you'd like. 

Please remember the cardinal rules of swapping before agreeing to participate:

1. Put as much care and diligence into the construction of your pin cushion as you would for yourself, or you would expect others to do for you.
2. Please be sure you have the time to complete the it before committing to the swap.
3. Don't be upset if the pin cushion you receive is not exactly to your liking. This is part of the fun -- and risk -- of a swap. After all, if you only wanted items that you would make yourself, you would just make them yourself, right?
4. Accept that this swap is open to quilters of ALL skill levels. Quality and care is expected; overly complicated designs are not.

I will assign partners Sunday, August 26.

Bring your pin cushion to the October meeting wrapped in such a way that it is not visible until the recipient opens it. and be willing to share the process of how you made it!

Here is the link to the signup form .

You can leave questions on the flickr discussion post or email me, Colleen.

Have fun and get creative!
Colleen at Lucky Duck Dreams

ps  All pincushions pictured were made by me except for the top two in the button.  They were received in a swap.  I included them for inspiration.

August 13, 2012

august meeting - tomorrow!!

hi there.

just a friendly reminder that we meet again tomorrow.  august 14th.  6:00pm.  sewingly yours.

we'll be accepting nominations/volunteers for new officers so we can vote on them in september.  also, the swap coordinator, stash stasher, and charity coordinator job are up for grabs/renewal, so we'll be talking about that.

there's nothing "due", but as always, bring in any scan blocks, tops, backs, quilts, spare batting, etcetera...

and, you should have gotten an email from angie a week or so ago, where she issued the summer stash challenge.  if you haven't gotten started, it might be a tad bit too late, unless you're one of those crazy fast awesome quilters... but, the rules and rewards (yes, rewards!) will be listed below.

we don't have any speakers or demos for tomorrow, so bring lots of show and tell items.  and finally, we'll be signing up for a pin cushion swap.  oh, and finally finally, if you're participating in the red/aqua block swap (or was it a bee?), they're due at next month's meeting!!  get to work!

anyhow, hope to see everyone tomorrow night.

oh.  and if you'd like to see some pics from last month's meet, you can always see some in the flickr group.

summer swap details (i totally just cut and pasted angie's email):

Here are the rules:
  • Everything in the project must be from your stash.  Everything.  Fabric, thread, batting, stabilizer, whatever.  Now, of course we won't be policing the stores or asking for receipts, so this is on your honor.  Your project must be made out of what you purchased/received prior to today.  There is no limit on beginning or finishing dates, but please don't bring projects already shown to the group.
  • The project must be quilted*.  (We're a quilting guild, right?)  You know how much I love zipper bags and pouches, but they don't count for this.  Feel free to bring them for Show-and-Tell, though.  :)
  • Finished projects only*.  Again, we love a good WIP, but let's finish those bad boys.    *HINT - finish those WIPs up...they're part of your stash, right???  :)
  • Modern fabrics and/or styles, please.  Obviously this is a little subjective, but again, this is what our group is about.
*The only exception to the quilted or finished rules is a lap-size or bigger quilt top.  However, the top must meet the other two requirements.

Every project you bring earns you an entry into the drawing, up to four entries.  If you bring ten projects, we'll all think you're superwoman, but you still only get four entries.  In addition to those, we'll have four different categories in which you can earn an additional entry.  They are:
  • The largest project
  • The smallest project
  • The project using the largest number of different fabrics
  • The project with the most pieces of fabric
Each person can only win in one category.  For instance, if you bring in a charm quilt, you'd likely have the largest project and the one with the most pieces of fabric, however you only get one entry.  We're all about sharing the love.  The most any one person can earn is five entries.  :)

Finally - be ready to talk about your project(s).  Not only the typical show-and-tell stuff, but also things like how old your fabric is, what you originally bought it for, and why you've held onto it this long.  I can't wait to hear your stories.

July 14, 2012

sit and sew... TOMORROW!!

if you haven't been at the last couple of meetings (or you just forgot), there's a sit and sew planned for tomorrow....

the details:
location: sewingly yours.
date: july 15, 2012.
time: 2 pm - 6 pm.

we'll be working on scan quilts, so bring what you'll need to accomplish that task.  probably a machine and some thread and fabric and scissors and such.  or donated batting.  and so on.

see you there!!

July 10, 2012

hot hot hot july meeting.

the july meeting is already here!

you know the time and place (6:00pm TONIGHT and sewingly yours).

tonight, if you'd like, bring a gallon ziploc bag of scraps to swap.  (scraps should be bigger than about 2"x2").

also, bring in your quiltcon challenge blocks to be collected and sent off to the big modern quilt guild.  (see previous posts for all of the details, if you're going to try to whip one up this afternoon :) ).

otherwise, we'll just be showing and telling and having a laid back night.  
see you soon!!

June 24, 2012

belated recap of june meeting.

sorry for the tardy update post.  i'm a slacker.  :/

here are the main points/summary of what went down at our june meeting.

julia gave us a SCAN update: she's dropped off the the completed quilts to them and someone from SCAN may come speak at our september or october meeting to give us more of an idea of what they are all about.  we are also going to have another sit-n-sew at sewingly yours on a sunday in july.  stay tuned for the date and times.  keep working on blocks, tops, backs, etcetera for SCAN.  there's still a lot of families left!!!

teresa (from sewingly yours) popped in to let us know that she has ordered lots more "modern" fabrics, so be looking for those to start showing up on the shelves.  she also told us to watch for a big sale at the end of june to make way for the debut of all of the new christmas fabrics on july 1st.

colleen donated the first ever book to the triad modern quilt guild library.  she's (i think she's) going to set up something online to help track the books from the library and possibly the loaning/swapping of books from one person to another.  

after all of the talking, kelly wood delivered a fun and informative demo on free motion quilting.  and we swapped doll quilts.  and had show and tell.  colleen has a zillion pics on her flickr.  and there's always pictures floating in on the triad mqg flickr page.  

in september, officers are up for reelection, so we need to know who would like to be on the ballot in august.  that's just two months away, so start trying to decide which job you'd like.  duties are listed in the by-laws here.  (or you can use the handy dandy link in the sidebar).  also, swap captain, charity captain and stash captain(?) will be up for grabs too.  

gina, the delightful new owner of little general designs was in attendance (as were a number of new guests and visitors!!).  she's got a kathleen baden quilt in her shop that will be raffled off to make money for arts for life.  stop in the shop for tickets this week (deadline is the end of june).

AND lastly...

for july (next month), we are going to participate in the quiltcon block challenge sponsored by the BIG modern quilt guild.  you can read more about the colors here.  and planning your block here.  so bring one "modern" block to match the color specifications and we'll send them all in together and they'll be used in quilts to be donated to charities in austin, tx. 

ok.  again.  sorry for being so late.  see you in july!!

June 11, 2012

june meeting

hi there!

another meeting is upon us...

tomorrow night (tuesday), june 12th.
6:00 pm.  sewingly yours.

if you signed up for the doll quilt swap, be sure to bring your doll quilt tomorrow, wrapped up so our partners can unwrap with suspense!

also, keep bringing in scan blocks (12.5"), tops, batting donations, backing donations, etcetera...

kelly will be the key note speaker for the night, with free motion quilting as the topic.
you don't want to miss it!

see you there!!

May 15, 2012

may meeting recap (the one with the quilt dad)

what a meeting.

as if it weren't enough that we were meeting at the fabulous home of karen gray design, we had the quilt dad in town to give a little talk on how he became a world famous quilt icon. :)

before he took the stage, we talked about a few other things.

first, angie thanked our gracious host, karen gray, who then subsequently announced that she had sold her shop to gina ponzi of little general designs.

then, angie made a bunch of announcements about upcoming june events, that i'm going to post in a seperate blog (after confirming names, dates, places, times, blogs, etc with angie). :)

colleen gave a swap update...
our doll quilts will be due in june (for those that signed up).  please post pictures in the flickr group even it is just a sneak peak.  also, be sure to bring your quilt wrapped or in a bag, "because that's fun" says colleen.

we all turned in our challenge blocks for colleen's birthday, orange star blocks.  she's going to put them together and make a top for scan.

for july, we are going to participate in the quiltcon block challenge sponsored by the BIG modern quilt guild.  you can read more about it here.  and here.  we'll send them in together and they'll be used in quilts to be donated to charities in austin, tx.

we are in the middle of signups for the red and aqua summer block swap.  you can sign up by commenting in the flickr discussion.   the number of people who sign up will determine the number of blocks you'll have to make.  they'll be due in september.

then, john adams (the quilt dad) spoke.  already, many of our members have blogged about it and i didn't take one single picture, so i'm just going to link to their posts about it...

quilt dad.

colleen also posted some pics from the rest of the evening here.  as always, there's also some pictures in the flickr group.

and that about sums it up.  next meeting.  june 12th. 6pm. back at sewingly yours.  see you soon!!!

May 8, 2012

Retreat Survey

At our April meeting, we gave out a survey to see about interest in a possible quilt retreat. Here are the results:

There were 10 responses total

1.    How likely to attend on a scale of 1 (no way) to 5 (definitely)?
Seven people responded with a 5
Two people responded with a  4
One person responded with a 3

2.    How far are you willing to travel?
Central NC - 10 responded yes
Mountains/Western NC  - 9 responded yes
Eastern NC/Coast - 6 responded yes, 1 maybe

3.    Do you know of a great place we should consider?
Camp Hanes
Local college of university during the summer
Camp Hanes
No particular place but a scenic area
Camp Hanes
Ridgecrest in Black Mountain (it is a Christian retreat place but I’ve seen lots of different groups there)

4.    Any other suggestions:
Any time of year except December – would prefer 2013
Depending on where we go – off season for a price break!

5.    Volunteer areas checked:
5 people for planning/organizing
2 people for securing sponsors
7 people for setup and decorating
8 people for cleanup
1 person for class instructor
9 people for registration desk

this just in....

ok. it's not JUST in.  
but, it's in.  

quilt dad, john adams, will be speaking at our meeting tonight.  at karen gray design.  
woo hoo!

see you there!

May 7, 2012

may meeting... tomorrow!!

It's already been a month!

Our next meeting is tomorrow night.  At 6pm, as usual....
But, it's NOT AT SEWINGLY YOURS.... we are meeting at Karen Gray Design in Reynolda Village.

Remember to bring your challenge block (orange, 12.5", whatever star pattern you'd like).  Colleen has volunteered to turn our creations into a quilt top for SCAN.

Also, signups have begun for the summer red and aqua block swap.  You can leave a comment on the flickr thread to let Colleen know, or signup tomorrow night, live and in person. :)

Ok.  That's all.
See you tomorrow night.
At 6pm.

April 17, 2012

april meeting recap

today is the one week anniversary of our april meeting.  to celebrate, i thought i would give a quick recap of what we talked about and did at the aforementioned april meet.   there's a lot.  brace yourself.

without further ado...

angie handed out our guild membership cards, for all members current on their dues.  and we all got a handful of triad mqg business cards to have on hand for fellow quilters who might be interested in our little guild.

we are shooting to have some scan quilts ready to deliver for the may meeting.  bring blocks, whole tops, binding, batting, whatever you can donate.

along these same lines, colleen issued a challenge to the guild... in may, bring any 12.5" (unfinished) star block made with orange, and colleen will make them into a quilt top for scan.  :)

also, at the may meeting, we will be signing up for the summer swap bee, where will will be making 12.5" (unfinished) blocks with red, gray and aqua.  the number you'll make/receive will depend on how many folks participate.  (hint: participate!).

finally, the may meeting will be NOT be held at sewingly yours.  we will be meeting at the same time (6pm) at karen gray design in reynolda village.  john adams (the quilt dad) will be coming and speaking at this meeting.  exciting!!

also, on june 6th, fabric designer tula pink will be at karen gray signing books.  so, that's pretty cool.

we had signups for the doll quilt swap online.  if you've signed up, these will be due at the june meeting.

so, after all of these general announcements, paige and angie spoke a bit about a possible north carolina/east coast retreat.  we filled out surveys, to gauge interest and find out if/how people would be able to help out.  if you have any thoughts about this, or want to more, send an email to and let us know....

we, of course, had a bit of show and tell, where colleen volunteered to do a demo on zippers at a future meeting to be determined.

and tami announced that she'll be playing the upright bass at her church's "hee haw dinner theatre" on may 26th-28th.  tickets are $20 for dinner and a show.

and then.... finally.... drum roll.....

carrie taught a class on hexagons and english paper piecing.  and, it was hands on.  we all made two little hexagons and basted them and sewed them together.  carrie was a most excellent teacher and i hope we made her proud... thanks carrie!!

head on over to the flickr group to see pictures from the night...

and see you next month.  at karen gray.  on may 8th.  6:00 pm.

April 9, 2012

Hexagon Demo Supplies

Hello again!

If you're planning on coming to tomorrow's meeting, Carrie's hexagon demo is going to be hands on, and if you'd like to participate, you'll want to bring the following items:

  • fabric scissors
  • needle
  • red thread
  • two 3" pieces of fabric.

Carrie will bring the hexagon shapes that we'll need.  So now, you'll have two hexagons completed and sewn together when you leave the meeting tomorrow.  :)

And see you tomorrow!

April Meeting...


It's time to meet again...
Tomorrow (Tuesday). Sewingly Yours. 6 pm.  :)

The details:
Carrie will be giving a little demo on hexagons (thanks Carrie!).
Our swap this month is fat quarters.  If you'd like to participate, bring two wrapped fat quarters and you'll get to go home with two new-to-you fat quarters.  :)
And, don't forget to bring some show-and-tell items!!

Hope to see everyone there!!

March 11, 2012

Guild Meeting on Tuesday

Hello Quilty Friends! It's that time again! The Triad Modern Quilt Guild will be meeting at 6pm on Tuesday March 13th at Sewingly Yours in Lewisville. Ellen will talk with us about paper piecing, we will have Show and Tell and do a check in about SCAN quilts and blocks. See you there!

February 21, 2012

valentine's day meeting recap

just checking in to post a little review of what happened at our february meeting, for those of you who had other plans on valentines day.  <3

firstly, we talked a bit about the SCAN (stop child abuse now) blocks (or tops, or whole quilts).  some have come in.  we need lots more.  so keep 'em coming.  remember, they should be 9.5".  we also need volunteers to sew blocks together, and to quilt, and to bind these quilts all up....
also, a sit-n-sew has been organized for sunday, the 26th of february from 2-5pm, at sewingly yours, for the purpose of working on these quilts.  so bring your machine, basic notions and fabric to make some blocks, or to help sew together blocks.  or quilt.  you get the idea.
one more thing: we will gladly accept (ie: we need) batting donations for these quilts, as long as it's 80/20 cotton or higher.

moving on...
angie gave a rundown of a few speakers that we could possibly have come give a little talk. if you have any connections or ideas for speakers, let angie or paige know, and we'll start filling the schedule for the next few months...
tami gave a delightful treasurer's report.  we have 20 paid members.  for a grand total of $400.

then, it was time for the pillow swap and show and tell!  you can check that out in the triad mqg flickr group.  the pillows were a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

next month, we'll meet again on march 13th.  and i *think* we're having a fat quarter swap.

hope to see you at the sit-n-sew!!

January 25, 2012

sale! saturday!

well hello!

just wanted to hop on here and tell you about a big sale this saturday at karen gray design.

she's making room for a bunch of new fabric and everything - EVERYTHING - in the store will be on sale.  saturday.  january 28th. 9-5.

here's the link to her post where where she talks about it....

also, keep an eye out.  you just might spot one or two of our very own working as cutters!!

see you all soon (valentine's day <3 <3!!)...


January 9, 2012

January Meeting... tomorrow!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday and that you all got those last minute gifts stitched up just in time.  :)

It's already time for another Triad MQG meeting. 
In fact, it's tomorrow night.  Same place, same time.  (Sewingly Yours, 6 pm).  

The good news is, if you haven't been with us for awhile, there is no homework "due".  There was no handmade swap or challenge for this month.  (Although, I bumped into Kelly and she did say she was a bit short on the Quilts of Valor blocks from last month, so she would gladly accept more from anyone who would like to still participate). 

There is, however, a scrap swap.  If you'd like to participate, bring a gallon ziploc baggie full of scraps (2" or bigger) to swap with someone else's gallon baggie full of scraps.  :)

The BETTER news is, tomorrow night, our very own Ania will be doing a little talk/demo about her crazy quilting.  If you haven't had a chance to see her creations, it's amazing.  I'm pretty sure you don't want to miss it.  

Swap signups for February's travel pillow swap are taking place until next week (January 15th, to be exact).  
Also, if you have questions, you can ask tomorrow night at the meeting OR email Colleen at cyarnell{at}mindspring{dot}com.

Don't forget to bring a show and tell item!  That's one of the best parts about the night.  

And, finally, since it's a brand new year, and bloggy land is filled with 2011 recaps, here's a recap of what's happened in the triad modern quilt guild this past "year".  

September: Our kick-off meeting!!  Angie and Paige were chosen as co-presidents.  We had a chance to meet everybody.  And we learned a little about what exactly quilt guilds do.  :)

October: Sarah (that's me) was named secretary and Tami was named treasurer.  Colleen is the "swap swami" and laid out a swap schedule for the year, beginning with pot holders and fat quarters...

November: Paige gave a great demo on how and why to use flickr.  (despite some internet problems right in the middle of her talk).  We swapped our potholders.  And fat quarters.  

December:  We had a Christmas party!!!  There was lots of food.  We had a homemade ornament dirty santa exchange.  And we brought patriotic blocks to be assembled by Kelly into a quilt to be donated to the "Quilts of Valor" program, which provides quilts to wounded servicemen and women.  

Hope to see everyone there tomorrow night!!!


January 5, 2012

February Swap - Travel Pillows

Hi everyone.

Our February swap is all set.  We'll be making travel pillows, using a standard 12 x 16 pillow form (available at JoAnn, etc.).  The pillows will be swapped at our February meeting, which will be on Feb. 14th. 

To signup, please complete this Google doc:  Triad MQG February Pillow Swap Sign-Up Sheet

If you want to participate, please sign up by January 15th.  Send any questions you may have to Colleen at cyarnell{at}mindspring{dot}com.

Don't forget our next meeting - January 10th at Sewingly Yours.  More details later.  :)

Keep stitching!