June 29, 2018

Seeking a Single Swapper

Happy Friday everyone!

Swap partners were assigned for our Favorite Animal swap Tuesday night. However, I have one person's name that didn't get selected. If you signed up for the swap at May's meeting and missed June's meeting, or if you did not draw a name on Tuesday, please let me know at abhinshaw@yahoo.com, and I'll give you your partner's name.  

Have a great weekend!

June 25, 2018

Upcoming Swap News

Hey everybody!

Just a reminder that pincushions are due for our swap with Roanoke MQG at tomorrow's meeting!
Also, at May's meeting I announced our next swap: Favorite Animals. This swap will be between TMQG members and be based around your swap partner's favorite animal! For example, if your swap partner loves cats, you could make a pillow with cats on it, or a mini quilt using cat fabric.  Feel free to make several small gifts, like a pincushion (you can never have enough!) and a mug rug.  If you are unable to attend tomorrow's meeting, but would still like to participate, email me at abhinshaw@yahoo.com by July 6th with your name and favorite animal, and I'll assign you a swap partner ASAP! Swap gifts are due at September's meeting.

June 17, 2018

Forsyth Piecers and Quilters Quilt Show Invitation

Forsyth Piecers are so pleased to feature the special exhibition of Triad Modern Quilters modern quilts  in our November 2-3, 2018, show at the YWCA at 1201 Glade St, Winston-Salem, NC .   As a thank you to your exhibition participants, we invite them to submit a quilt of their choice in the judged part of the show at no cost.
A copy of the FPQG Quilt Show registration form is below.  This form will need to be used for all of the quilts that the TMQG members enter into the show whether the quilts are part of the Triad Modern Quilters special exhibit or personal quilts that the exhibit participants want to enter into the show itself.   Separate forms will need to be submitted for each quilt and mailed to the address on the form.  Photos of the quilts will also need to be included with each registration form.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in our upcoming quilt show.  We think it’s going to be an amazing show and we can’t wait to see your guild members’ beautiful quilts!  

 Winston-Salem Quilts 2018 - Forsyth Piecers and Quilters Guild Quilt Show
Quilt Show Rules & Entry Form
Please Read Carefully
1. Entry forms must be received no later than October 1, 2018.
2. To submit an entry, please mail your completed entry form along with a photograph of the quilt to 
Gina Kostelecky, 8138 Zinfandel Drive, Kernersville, NC 27284.
3. Entrants must be Forsyth Piecers and Quilters Guild (FP&QG) members in “good standing” (i.e., their dues have been paid in full for the 2018-2019 guild year) or members of the Triad Modern Quilt Guild or Beecassos. Triad Modern Quilt Guild and Beecassos members are limited to one quilt show entry beyond their Special Exhibit entry(s).
4. FP&QG members may enter any number of quilts but all entered quilts must be prioritized by the maker with 1 being the highest. These rankings will be used to prioritize entries in case there is not enough room to hang all of the quilts.
5. Items must be quilted items (i.e., no knitted, crocheted or other crafts will be accepted).
6. Each entered item must have its own entry form.
7. All quilts entered must be in good condition, odor free, clean and free of dirt and animal hair. It is the right of the Entry Committee to refuse any entry.
8. The Quilt Show Committee and/or judges reserve the right to divide or combine categories and to move entries to a more appropriate category. The Hall of Champions division may be sub-divided into multiple categories at the discretion of the Quilt Show Committee. If this sub-division is not required, all Hall of Champion entries will be judged as a single category.
9. Quilts need to have been completed after January 1, 2014 and may not have previously been shown in a FP&QG Quilt Show.
10. Quilts that have won a prize in a national competition (e.g., AQS, Mancuso, Quilt Odyssey, QuiltCon, etc.) may be submitted For Display Only and will not be judged.
11. All quilts must be labeled with the label being sewn on the lower left hand corner of the quilt back (as you face the back of the quilt). The label should include the name of the quilt, the maker’s name, and the year made.
12. All quilt labels must be covered at the time of the entry with a small piece of muslin pinned over them so that the identity of the maker will not be known to the judges.
13. Quilts must be submitted in a pillowcase that is clearly marked with the maker’s name and the quilt name. Exceptions may be made for art quilts that cannot be folded; however, art quilts should be contained for their protection (i.e., box, bag, etc.).
14. Quilts must have a 4 inch sleeve sewn to the top edge of the back side for hanging.
15. All quilts must be submitted no later than Sunday, October 28, 2018 but no earlier than Monday, October 8, 2018. Quilts may be dropped off at the October FP&QG meeting or at Sew Original on Robinhood Road during regular business hours. There will also be a drop off day Sunday, October 28 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Lisa Alley’s house located at 2749 Maplewood Avenue, Winston Salem. (From I-40 Business, take Knollwood Road exit. Go south on Knollwood toward Stratford Road. Cross Stratford Road and after the light at Queen Street, take the 3rd right onto Maplewood. 2749 is the 9th house on the right — the small white house just past the big brown house. The studio entrance is straight up the driveway.)
16. All quilts must be picked up after the show on Saturday, November 3, 2018 between 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. at the show venue. Entry claim cards must be presented in order to claim a quilt.
17. Entries will not be returned by mail.

1. Solo — Quilts made entirely by one person, i.e., pieced, quilted and bound by the maker.
2. Duet – Quilts made by two or more persons including all quilts that have been quilted by someone
other than the piecer (i.e., hired quilter).
3. Hall of Champions – This division of honor includes all quilters who are either professional quilters or
in some way quilters of distinction. Maker is 1) a professional quilter (does long arm or domestic
machine quilting for a fee); 2) a professional teacher, lecturer, judge or appraiser of quilting (i.e., the
majority of his/her personal income is acquired through teaching); 3) has published and sold a quilt
pattern; and/or 4) has had a quilt juried at a national quilt show (e.g., AQS, Mancuso, Quilt Odyssey,
QuiltCon, etc.). Quilts may be professionally quilted by someone other than the maker.
4. Non-Divisional — Quilts in this division can be solo or Hall of Champion quilts but not duet.

Solo and Duet Category Definitions
 Bed Quilt – Intended for use on a bed. Large Bed Quilts have a perimeter equal to or greater than 320
inches. Small Bed Quilts have a perimeter less than 320 inches and include lap quilts and baby quilts.
 Wall Hanging – Intended for display on a wall. Large Wall Hangings have a perimeter equal to or
greater than 144 inches. Small Wall Hangings have a perimeter less than 144 inches.
 Pieced – Quilt that does not include any applique.
 Applique or Mixed Technique – Quilt that includes applique or a mix of both applique and piecing.
 Kit or BOM – All quilts made from a kit or a Block of the Month (BOM) program where fabric was
provided as part of the kit/program.
 Wearables and Home Décor - Must be three (3) layers and contain some quilting. Not eligible for Best
of Show award.
 Youth Quilt – Any quilt made by someone under the age of 18. The maker does not need to be a
member to enter and there is no entry fee. Youth quilts may be professionally quilted.
 First Quilt – First quilt entered by a maker in any quilt show. First quilts may be professionally quilted.
 Group Quilt — Quilt that more than two (2) people were involved in making. All these quilts will be
judged in a single category.

Non-Divisional Category Definitions
 Art Quilt – Quilt that is an original design and made solely by one person. No commercial patterns.
 Miniature Quilts – No side larger than 24 inches. Largest block size no larger than 4 inches. Design
must be a smaller version of a full-sized quilt. Quilt must be made solely by one person.
 Specialty Quilts – Whole Cloth, Yo-Yo, Cathedral, Crazy and all tied quilts.
 Challenge Quilts (FP&QG members only) — The 2018 show theme is Winston-Salem Quilts and the
guild challenge reflects that theme. Challenge quilt requirements are as follows:
 The challenge quilt must reflect the theme in some way. It could be Winston-Salem landmarks
(e.g., the skyline, Pilot Mountain, Dash baseball); Winston-Salem history (e.g., tobacco leaves, Old
Salem, Moravian culture); or the concept of arts and innovation (e.g., redevelopment in the
downtown area, theater, businesses).
 The quilt must be no larger than 30 inches by 30 inches although the quilt does not have to be
square. It can be rectangular or circular in shape but cannot extend more than 30 inches in any
one dimension.
 The quilt must be an original design and must be solely made by the owner. Any technique can be
used in constructing the quilt, e.g., piecing, paper piecing, applique, embroidery, beading, fabric
painting, fabric dyeing. It can be traditional, contemporary, modern, realistic, abstract, artistic or
improvisational. There are no restrictions on fabric colors or designs.


2018 Forsyth Piecers and Quilters Guild Quilt Show Entry Form

Entrant’s Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Street Address: _________________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________________________ State: ____________ Zip: ___________
E-Mail: _______________________________________________ 
Phone: (______)___________________________
 Forsyth Piecers & Quilters Guild member  Beecassos member  Triad Modern Quilt Guild member

Name of Entry: ________________________________________________________________________
Size (in inches): ____________ inches wide by ________ inches long
Has this quilt won a ribbon at a prior show? ___ yes ____ no. If yes, please list the show (s).
Name(s) of everyone who stitched on this quilt:
Brief Description of Quilt for the display card to hang with the quilt (25 words or less—attach additional sheet if needed)
Name the source of the pattern for this piece (i,e., book, class, block of the month, etc.) ______________________________________________________________________________________

Techniques: (check all that apply)
 Appliqué  Piecing  Embroidery  Trapunto  Embellishment  Other ________________________
Quilting: Hand Domestic (Home) Machine Hand Guided Longarm Computer Guided Longarm
If professionally quilted, name of quilter: _____________________________________________________________
Category (Under the appropriate division, choose one category for your quilt. See previous page for definitions.)

Solo Quilts Division
 Large Bed Quilts – Pieced
 Small Bed Quilts – Pieced
 Large Bed Quilts – Applique or Mixed
 Small Bed Quilts – Applique or Mixed
 Large Wall Hangings (pieced, applique or mixed)
 Small Wall Hangings (pieced, applique or mixed)
 Kits or BOM Quilts
 Wearables and Home Décor
 Youth Quilts
 Specialty Quilts
 First Quilts

Duet Quilts Division
 Large Bed Quilts – Pieced
 Small Bed Quilts – Pieced
 Large Bed Quilts – Applique or Mixed
 Small Bed Quilts – Applique or Mixed
 Large Wall Hangings (pieced, applique or mixed)
 Small Wall Hangings (pieced, applique or mixed)
 Kits or BOM Quilts
 Group Quilts

 Hall of Champions Division (This category may be subdivided at the discretion of the Entry Committee.)

Non-Divisional Categories
 Art Quilts
 Miniature Quilts
 Specialty Quilts
 Challenge Quilts
 For Display Only (not judged)

Special Exhibits (not judged)
 Ania Reich Art Quilts
 Beecassos
 Delta Arts Center
 Triad Modern Quilt Guild

In case we must eliminate quilts from hanging in the show due to lack of space, please prioritize your entries. Although lower priority entries may not be hung, they will still be judged and you will receive judge’s comments.

This entry is Priority _____ (1 is the highest priority)

I understand that Forsyth Piecers and Quilters Guild will take every precaution to protect my quilt. However, I realize they cannot be held responsible for acts of nature or other acts beyond their control.
Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: __________________________
(Please print clearly)

Include a photo of the quilt (quilt does not have to be completed in the photo)
Mail entry package to:
Gina Kostelecky
8138 Zinfandel Drive
Kernersville, NC 27284

Deadline for entry to be received: October 1, 2018

Notes from the May 22, 2018 meeting

Volunteer Opportunities -
Please remember the Forsyth County Senior Services.  They have been very appreciative of everything we have donated to date, including "cents off" coupons, food and personal items, and gift cards to Target and similar stores.

The guild has fabric and batting available to make quilts for donations.  If you would like yardage, cut fabric, and/or patterns, please contact Anne Monroe.

Also, consider making pillowcases for Ryan’s Case for Smiles. (You can also donate fabric, funds, or time.)  See www.caseforsmiles.org for more information.  

Swap Project –
Some of us have signed up for a blind swap of pin cushions with the Roanoke MQG.  Pin cushions can be made of any technique or materials.  The only rule is that you make something you would be pleased to receive.  Please include a tag with your name and the type of filing you us
ed. (Someone with a tree nut allergy does not need a walnut shell filled item.)

Pin cushions are due at the June meeting.  If you make a pin cushion and cannot attend the June meeting, send an email to abhinshaw@yahoo.com to arrange a pick up.

We are having an animal themed swap in September.

Future Meetings - 
On June 26, 2018, we are hosting Moda Designer Amy Ellis.  Amy is also doing a workshop at Sewingly Yours the next day.  For more information see the blog post:

See you all next month!

June 15, 2018

Amy Ellis is Coming to Town

We are beyond excited to be hosting Amy Ellis! 
About the lecture:
When: Tuesday June 26th, 6:30pm
Cost: $5
About the workshop at Sewingly Yours:
Amy will be teaching her pattern, Turnstyle. Turnstyle is fat quarter friendly quilt with lots of precision tips needed and given.
When: Wednesday June 27th : 10:00am-5:00pm
Cost: $70 for Modern Quilt Guild Members or $80 for Non-Members
**If you'd like to participate please bring a dish to share and we will be have a pot luck lunch to share during class. 
About Amy:
I have four published books, have been included in a number collaboration books, and design fabric for Moda Fabrics. You can find my independent patterns in my online shop or ask your local quilt shop to carry them. I’ve been published in a number of magazines, on the PBS shows Love of Quilting and Quilting Arts, and I’m also a spokesperson for Baby Lock. There’s more about my work below.
website: https://www.amyscreativeside.com