October 15, 2012

october meeting!!

hello hello!!!

just a friendly update to let you know that our october meeting is on the horizon...
tuesday. october 16th.  2012.  6pm.  sewingly yours.

if you're reading this on the blog or with a reader, that means it's tomorrow.  if you are an email subscriber, despite my promise to get these posts out a day sooner, i have failed you and the meeting is most likely today.  :)

on the agenda is...

  • (finally) voting for 2012-13 officers. 
  • discussing/deciding 2012-13 charity options.
  • show and tell, as always.
  • and... the PIN CUSHION SWAP!!! (if you participated, bring your pin cushion wrapped or bagged, so your partner will be bursting with anticipation).
well, alrighty then....

see you tomorrow!!! (or today :))


  1. Thanks sarah! made me smile as always!

  2. No baby yet, but since she's crushing my sciatic nerve I'll be sitting this one out :) hope y'all have fun!


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