May 15, 2012

may meeting recap (the one with the quilt dad)

what a meeting.

as if it weren't enough that we were meeting at the fabulous home of karen gray design, we had the quilt dad in town to give a little talk on how he became a world famous quilt icon. :)

before he took the stage, we talked about a few other things.

first, angie thanked our gracious host, karen gray, who then subsequently announced that she had sold her shop to gina ponzi of little general designs.

then, angie made a bunch of announcements about upcoming june events, that i'm going to post in a seperate blog (after confirming names, dates, places, times, blogs, etc with angie). :)

colleen gave a swap update...
our doll quilts will be due in june (for those that signed up).  please post pictures in the flickr group even it is just a sneak peak.  also, be sure to bring your quilt wrapped or in a bag, "because that's fun" says colleen.

we all turned in our challenge blocks for colleen's birthday, orange star blocks.  she's going to put them together and make a top for scan.

for july, we are going to participate in the quiltcon block challenge sponsored by the BIG modern quilt guild.  you can read more about it here.  and here.  we'll send them in together and they'll be used in quilts to be donated to charities in austin, tx.

we are in the middle of signups for the red and aqua summer block swap.  you can sign up by commenting in the flickr discussion.   the number of people who sign up will determine the number of blocks you'll have to make.  they'll be due in september.

then, john adams (the quilt dad) spoke.  already, many of our members have blogged about it and i didn't take one single picture, so i'm just going to link to their posts about it...

quilt dad.

colleen also posted some pics from the rest of the evening here.  as always, there's also some pictures in the flickr group.

and that about sums it up.  next meeting.  june 12th. 6pm. back at sewingly yours.  see you soon!!!


  1. Hi! I look forward to seeing you gals on Tuesday! ACK! am so jealous and sad I missed the QuiltDad meeting. He's my intro to modern quilting. Great blog. I look forward to seeing and meeting you all again.


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