January 19, 2015

Some quick updates

I wanted to thank everyone for the awesome donations that we put together for the Senior services -- they were beyond humbled. That's 2 market totes from 31, an extra bag and a pile of quilts that all got donated just in time to make some needy seniors very happy for the holidays. 
While I was there they mentioned that they are always willing to accept donations but they are going to expand the major donation to a biannual event and the next time that they will be doing a major collection is in June. 
They are also going to start collecting pet care items as many of the seniors have small animals and all of animal lovers know what a comfort our animals can be especially when we are alone or sick. 

Last year we donated about 40 quilts and each of them has a new home -- let's see if we can top that number this year. I'd like to challenge each of you to make at least one project for Charity in 2015. We do have fabric, even some for backings and batting so all it really costs you is time and thread. The quilts can really be any size but the 36 inch quilts do work great for wheelchair individuals. If you are in need of backing I would be happy to cut some for you and I know that Kelly would do the same if you are in need of batting. 

Hope to see everyone next week on the 27th at the January meeting.