April 17, 2012

april meeting recap

today is the one week anniversary of our april meeting.  to celebrate, i thought i would give a quick recap of what we talked about and did at the aforementioned april meet.   there's a lot.  brace yourself.

without further ado...

angie handed out our guild membership cards, for all members current on their dues.  and we all got a handful of triad mqg business cards to have on hand for fellow quilters who might be interested in our little guild.

we are shooting to have some scan quilts ready to deliver for the may meeting.  bring blocks, whole tops, binding, batting, whatever you can donate.

along these same lines, colleen issued a challenge to the guild... in may, bring any 12.5" (unfinished) star block made with orange, and colleen will make them into a quilt top for scan.  :)

also, at the may meeting, we will be signing up for the summer swap bee, where will will be making 12.5" (unfinished) blocks with red, gray and aqua.  the number you'll make/receive will depend on how many folks participate.  (hint: participate!).

finally, the may meeting will be NOT be held at sewingly yours.  we will be meeting at the same time (6pm) at karen gray design in reynolda village.  john adams (the quilt dad) will be coming and speaking at this meeting.  exciting!!

also, on june 6th, fabric designer tula pink will be at karen gray signing books.  so, that's pretty cool.

we had signups for the doll quilt swap online.  if you've signed up, these will be due at the june meeting.

so, after all of these general announcements, paige and angie spoke a bit about a possible north carolina/east coast retreat.  we filled out surveys, to gauge interest and find out if/how people would be able to help out.  if you have any thoughts about this, or want to more, send an email to triadmqg@gmail.com and let us know....

we, of course, had a bit of show and tell, where colleen volunteered to do a demo on zippers at a future meeting to be determined.

and tami announced that she'll be playing the upright bass at her church's "hee haw dinner theatre" on may 26th-28th.  tickets are $20 for dinner and a show.

and then.... finally.... drum roll.....

carrie taught a class on hexagons and english paper piecing.  and, it was hands on.  we all made two little hexagons and basted them and sewed them together.  carrie was a most excellent teacher and i hope we made her proud... thanks carrie!!

head on over to the flickr group to see pictures from the night...

and see you next month.  at karen gray.  on may 8th.  6:00 pm.

April 9, 2012

Hexagon Demo Supplies

Hello again!

If you're planning on coming to tomorrow's meeting, Carrie's hexagon demo is going to be hands on, and if you'd like to participate, you'll want to bring the following items:

  • fabric scissors
  • needle
  • red thread
  • two 3" pieces of fabric.

Carrie will bring the hexagon shapes that we'll need.  So now, you'll have two hexagons completed and sewn together when you leave the meeting tomorrow.  :)

And see you tomorrow!

April Meeting...


It's time to meet again...
Tomorrow (Tuesday). Sewingly Yours. 6 pm.  :)

The details:
Carrie will be giving a little demo on hexagons (thanks Carrie!).
Our swap this month is fat quarters.  If you'd like to participate, bring two wrapped fat quarters and you'll get to go home with two new-to-you fat quarters.  :)
And, don't forget to bring some show-and-tell items!!

Hope to see everyone there!!