September 17, 2012

september meeting recap.


our last ever second-tuesday-of-the-month meeting.

remember, starting next month, we meet on the THIRD TUESDAY, which happens to be october 16th.  at 6pm.  still at sewingly yours.

we had our september meeting last week.  a little crazy.  both lovely co-presidents were unable to make it, so we were kind of winging it.  we had to postpone election of next year's officers until next month - so there's still time to throw your name in the hat!

our guest speaker was jamie ledbetter, from SCAN, who gave a very informative talk on all the things the SCAN program does in the piedmont.  (there's a LOT).  and it was nice to find out where exactly our quilts will be going!  (reminder: sit-n-sew oct. 7, 2-6 at sewingly yours to work on scan quilts).  and we were able to hand over all of the quilts we've completed so far.

then, colleen led the charge as all of the participants of the red and aqua swap exchanged their handiwork.  can't wait to see all those quilts completed.

next month is the big pin cushion exchange.  if you signed up for the pincushion swap, you'd better be there, pin cushion in hand.  she didn't say, but i assume colleen would like them wrapped or in a bag or something to heighten the anticipation.  colleen, if you read this, let me know if this is not the case. :)

in october, we'll also start signing up for the next swap: a pouch swap!!

so, that was about it.  oh.  show and tell.

and one final announcement....

the weekend of oct 12-13, the davie county quilt guild hosts "hometown quilts of davie" in the brock gym at 644 north main street, mocksville.  admission is $5 and there's a bunch of quilt, a raffle quilt, a silent auction, vendors, an food.  it coincides (on the 13th) with the four oaks festival in downtown mocksville.  more info here.

ok then.  see you at the sit-n-sew!!

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