February 21, 2012

valentine's day meeting recap

just checking in to post a little review of what happened at our february meeting, for those of you who had other plans on valentines day.  <3

firstly, we talked a bit about the SCAN (stop child abuse now) blocks (or tops, or whole quilts).  some have come in.  we need lots more.  so keep 'em coming.  remember, they should be 9.5".  we also need volunteers to sew blocks together, and to quilt, and to bind these quilts all up....
also, a sit-n-sew has been organized for sunday, the 26th of february from 2-5pm, at sewingly yours, for the purpose of working on these quilts.  so bring your machine, basic notions and fabric to make some blocks, or to help sew together blocks.  or quilt.  you get the idea.
one more thing: we will gladly accept (ie: we need) batting donations for these quilts, as long as it's 80/20 cotton or higher.

moving on...
angie gave a rundown of a few speakers that we could possibly have come give a little talk. if you have any connections or ideas for speakers, let angie or paige know, and we'll start filling the schedule for the next few months...
tami gave a delightful treasurer's report.  we have 20 paid members.  for a grand total of $400.

then, it was time for the pillow swap and show and tell!  you can check that out in the triad mqg flickr group.  the pillows were a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

next month, we'll meet again on march 13th.  and i *think* we're having a fat quarter swap.

hope to see you at the sit-n-sew!!