September 14, 2012

quiltcon block challenge superstars!

if you've been following the modern quilt guild blog, then you already know that our very own triad modern quilt guild has had quite a few of our own member's blocks being featured.  so exciting.  great job, ladies!

if you don't follow their blog, never fear!  i've compiled a list of the blog posts in which our very own piedmont-y folks were featured...

check it out.

postage stamps and repeating shapes: janet sowers and teri emerson
graphic stripes and angles: ania reich

wonky stripes: colleen yarnell

traditional motifs: carrie pippens and roxanne borrero

graphic squares, rectangles and boxes: teri emerson (again!)

pods and pixels: sarah peterson

can't wait to see if any of them make it into the big-time quilt!! :)

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