March 8, 2013

Senior Services Quilts UPDATE!

Our charity coordinator, Kim Johnson delivered 14 quilts to Senior Services of Winston-Salem on Monday, 2/25.  They greeted her with excitement and swarmed all around wanting to look at them.  They spread them all out and were admiring everyone’s talent.  Everyone was so appreciative!  The Senior Services’ staff said they will send us pictures of everyone that would allow their picture to be taken.  The recipients are so grateful and really enjoying our efforts.
They like the small/lap size that is convenient for their clients to keep on their laps. That means quilts as small as 36” on a side up to 48” are desired. And that is great for us, since those smaller quilts are easier to make and quilt.

Look at those sweet faces! I LOVE making quilts for them!
Don’t forget our guild stash, we still have pre-cuts as well as the un-organized fabrics. This is a great place to get your quilt started, or to supplement your own fabrics.

Feel free to experiment on these quilts, try something new. Some easy, fast and fun quilts to make: Scrappy Trip Around the World (uses 2 ½” strips),  the Charm Pack section of the Moda Bake Shop, and look here for many free quilt patterns and tutorials.


  1. I love seeing these pictures! Thanks Kim and Kelly!

  2. I have a top finished that I should try to get quilted and sent over!

  3. These pics make me smile so much and just thankful to be able to bring a little sunshine to them. Thanks, girls! <3

  4. I got one more finished and hope to have the second one done by the next meeting.


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