January 30, 2013

Up coming Swaps

February - Rainbow Brick (5x10) Charm Swap    

We signed up for colors at the January meeting and a master list has been posted. If you didn't sign up at the meeting, or would like to sign up for an additional color, please add your name to the document.

                  Brick    10" x 5"                      charm square  5"

Participants will cut one yard of your assigned color into 28 bricks for the February meeting.
A brick is 5"x10".  We will sort at the meeting and you will leave with a rainbow of 28 bricks which equals two 5" charm squares.  Bricks are more flexible for use. Here is a link to Elizabeth Hartman's blog post on how to cut charm squares. Just remember you are cutting 5" x 10" long instead of 5" x5".

pink light pink dark pink,
red light red dark red
orange light orange dark orange
yellow light yellow dark yellow
green light green dark green
blue light blue dark blue
purple light purple dark purple
black on white white on black
light brown dark brown
light gray dark gray

Here is a link to a flickr group that shows good examples of colors. They are also organized by color under the Discussion list.

March -
  • Zakka Scrap Swap and Challenge

  • Bring a bag of scraps at least 2” square in size.  Should be modern fabrics.  Put an index card in the bag with your name and a list of 3 Zakka objects you would like to have someone make you.  A Zakka object is anything small and useful - a pin cushion, needle case, small pouch - whatever you may need.  

  • The challenge is to use the scraps to make one of the Zakka objects listed for your partner.  Additional fabrics are allowed.  Items will be swapped in May.

    If you have any suggestions for future swaps you would like our guild to do let me know. I'm always working on the calendar.

    :o) Colleen, Swap Mama

    (edited 02/06/13 with links to sign-up sheet)

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    1. Colleen -- the guild leader has the color swap list (I am so bad with names) she told me so at the sit and sew we did the other weekend. I was unable to set signed up at the meeting but am interested in doing the swap. I have quite a few selections pulled depending on what colors are needed.


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