April 30, 2016

Mini Quilt Swap with the McKinney MQG

Triad Meets McKinney Modern Guild Mini Quilt Swap

Here is the link ladies to join  in the swapping fun as Texas meets North Carolina. #TriadMeetsMcKSwap.  http://goo.gl/forms/vkGwbjlc0x 
The Triad MQG and the McKinney MQG will join together in making a miniature quilt for a member of the other guild.

In this swap, we will be making mini quilts, minimum size 10x10 max 24x24. You will provide your partner 3 patterns to choose from that you would like your quilt to made from, be advised to provide a beginner friendly pattern for those not as advanced.
For example you might say: Log Cabin blocks, friendship stars and carpenter stars or be more specific and say Mini Swoon by Thimble Blossoms, Thistle by Elizabeth Hartman and Scrappy Lone Star by Better off Thread.
***Partners should do your best to include elements of at least 1 of the patterns they provide.***

Quilts must be labeled with your name and the intended recipient.

If possible, make an inspiration board on Instagram or Pinterest.

We will be mailing quilts in one package as a guild, so do not include goodies or extras as only your mini will be mailed to the other guild.

Sign-ups will be open until May 17th.
Partners will be assigned the following week.
Mini quilts will be due by the July meeting (July 26 for North Carolina) or August meeting (August 2 for Texas).
The minis will be mailed after the next guild meeting and delivered at the August (Aug 30 for North Carolina) or September (Sep 5 for Texas) meeting.
By filling out this form, you are committing to participation and completion of the quilt by the due date. If you do not send a quilt, you will not receive a quilt.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to e-mail Alice Dutton from the MCKMQG at alicedutton@gmail.com

We are so excited that you're joining us!

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