April 4, 2013

New Location? Option A

Hey everyone!!
We have been scouting for a new location for our meetings! First off, thank you to Christ Church and Gina F for providing us a space the past few months. But we do need a space with tables and good lighting. Y'all need to see all my mistakes up close! Ha!!
Kim volunteered to look into using the city recreational facilities. And she and I went to check them out! I'm going to put them in separate posts, so y'all can comment if you'd like.
We would like to discuss this at the April meeting. Kathleen has graciously agreed to move her presentation to the June or July meeting so we can give this topic its due.

OPTION A: Southfork Meeting Room
This room can seat 30-50 people at tables or in rows. It is very well lit. And there is a white board that could easily be a screen. There is wifi. And a kitchen nearby that we can use. The facility also has a ballroom that has hosted quilt shows in the past. And an outdoor pavilion that we can reserve for special events. Southfork is located on Country Club near 40. The center is right behind Cricket's Nest. This room is available for the fourth Tuesday of each month.

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