September 16, 2011

What a great meeting!!

Ok, I must admit, I'm still in shock at how many wonderful ladies showed up to our inaugural meeting - 26 in all.  As I was turning off the highway, I stated out loud, "I hope for 10...10 would be great."  Y'all really knocked my socks off!

I'm busy working on a directory and will have it out soon.  I'm also very happy to say that we have more than enough volunteers for the officer positions.  Of course, those at the meeting know that Paige has graciously stepped up to be a Co-President with me.   On top of that we have at three people interested in Secretary and two interested in Treasurer!  I'll get names out soon so we can vote at the next meeting.  Also, Colleen has agreed to be our first Swap Coordinator and I'm sure she's already brewing up some fabulous ideas for us.  :)

And speaking of Colleen... she has a fabulous write up about our meeting on her website, with pictures!

I'm already so inspired by this group that I can hardly stand it.  We have a great mix of newbies and veteran quilters (one who has only been quilting a couple of months!!), a great mix of ages, and people from coast-to-coast ... and even one from Poland!  I can't wait to see the wonderful things we will do together!

Go ahead and mark your calendar for our next meeting on October 11th at 6 pm and keep watching here for more announcements.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. that is great that you have so many willing ladies to help out.
    I marked the date on my calendar.

  2. Can't believe I missed the first meetingt. Mom was in ICU. Would love to take on the website project if you haven't found anyone!!!!!!

    Laine from


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