June 24, 2012

belated recap of june meeting.

sorry for the tardy update post.  i'm a slacker.  :/

here are the main points/summary of what went down at our june meeting.

julia gave us a SCAN update: she's dropped off the the completed quilts to them and someone from SCAN may come speak at our september or october meeting to give us more of an idea of what they are all about.  we are also going to have another sit-n-sew at sewingly yours on a sunday in july.  stay tuned for the date and times.  keep working on blocks, tops, backs, etcetera for SCAN.  there's still a lot of families left!!!

teresa (from sewingly yours) popped in to let us know that she has ordered lots more "modern" fabrics, so be looking for those to start showing up on the shelves.  she also told us to watch for a big sale at the end of june to make way for the debut of all of the new christmas fabrics on july 1st.

colleen donated the first ever book to the triad modern quilt guild library.  she's (i think she's) going to set up something online to help track the books from the library and possibly the loaning/swapping of books from one person to another.  

after all of the talking, kelly wood delivered a fun and informative demo on free motion quilting.  and we swapped doll quilts.  and had show and tell.  colleen has a zillion pics on her flickr.  and there's always pictures floating in on the triad mqg flickr page.  

in september, officers are up for reelection, so we need to know who would like to be on the ballot in august.  that's just two months away, so start trying to decide which job you'd like.  duties are listed in the by-laws here.  (or you can use the handy dandy link in the sidebar).  also, swap captain, charity captain and stash captain(?) will be up for grabs too.  

gina, the delightful new owner of little general designs was in attendance (as were a number of new guests and visitors!!).  she's got a kathleen baden quilt in her shop that will be raffled off to make money for arts for life.  stop in the shop for tickets this week (deadline is the end of june).

AND lastly...

for july (next month), we are going to participate in the quiltcon block challenge sponsored by the BIG modern quilt guild.  you can read more about the colors here.  and planning your block here.  so bring one "modern" block to match the color specifications and we'll send them all in together and they'll be used in quilts to be donated to charities in austin, tx. 

ok.  again.  sorry for being so late.  see you in july!!

June 11, 2012

june meeting

hi there!

another meeting is upon us...

tomorrow night (tuesday), june 12th.
6:00 pm.  sewingly yours.

if you signed up for the doll quilt swap, be sure to bring your doll quilt tomorrow, wrapped up so our partners can unwrap with suspense!

also, keep bringing in scan blocks (12.5"), tops, batting donations, backing donations, etcetera...

kelly will be the key note speaker for the night, with free motion quilting as the topic.
you don't want to miss it!

see you there!!