May 29, 2021

Triad Modern Quilt Guild May 25, 2021

 Ann Monroe chaired the meeting for out-going President, Sheri Colette. Sheri was thanked for her service.

Committee reports:

Treasurer, Karen Camm, introduced new members, Jay Rodda (Kara's mother) and Stacie Mawson.

She mentioned that we can use Zelle with no fees, whereas Paypal charges fees. No decision was made at this time to use Zelle.

Community Outreach:

Beverly Swaim will collect soups, canned meats, and peanut butter this month for Senior Services.

Items may be left at  her home or brought to the June meeting at South Fork. Collection dates are June 12-20.


Kara Libby had the recipients of the March swap show their bags. The next swap signup begins June 1 and due by  July 27th. The swap will be an IPhone or IPad holder. Participants may deliver the swap to the recipient or bring it to the blended meeting in July. 

Zoom Sit and Stitch will continue the 1st Tuesday of the month.

Programs: Roseanne Morgan  presented an overview of upcoming programs and meetings.

June's meeting will be Christmas in July- bring a Christmas item to share.

July's meeting will be a  blended meeting at South Fork  with a zoom presentation by Heather Givens,

In August Timna Tarr will present a zoom class at South Fork. 

No programs are scheduled for Sept. and Oct. at this time.

November will be a pot luck and ornament swap at South Fork.

In the future we may have a scissor sharpener for those who are interested. 

Roseanne introduced Lee Monroe, our speaker for tonight's program.

Lee showed and demonstrated quite a few Bernina Sewing machine feet. Some of the feet are the same for other brands of machines.

To begin, Lee explained the stitch plates. One has a single hole, where the needle can't be repositioned, and creates more accurate stitching. The wider hole plate is for moving the needle sideways as in zig zag sewing and free motion quilting. 

The next two feet shown were the Edge Foot and the Blind Hem Foot. which have guides and are used for top stitching and perfect edges.

Feet 52-58 are Teflon coated feet which sew on vinyl and  oil cloth. They lightly grip the fabric.

The open toe ft. has a wide opening for a decorative stitch. 

The Roller Ball Foot, #51 does the same on oil cloth but works best on leather.

To get the same effect as a Teflon foot, you can apply a piece of matte scotch tape on the bottom of a regular foot. 

The Clear Foot #52D is used for decorative stitching, satin stitch and zigzag.

Several different feet are used to ruffle and gather fabric:

The Ruffler foot makes strong  pleats and uses more fabric and good for dust ruffles.

The Gathering Feet #15, and #16 are used in smaller areas.  

The #39C Clear foot can guide cording to space out fabric so you can have fullness where you want it. Gymp or 12 wt. thread can be used for cording.

The Button  Attachment Foot #18 attaches buttons.

The Binder Attachment Foot can feed bias tape through in one step. This foot is best used for placements, not heirloom quilts.

The Flat Felt Foot #71 can slide in already made bias tape.

The Spanish Hem Foot can sew two pieces of fabric together (side by side)

The Circle Embroidery Foot can sew any decorative stitch into a circle. Use tear-away stabilizer when using this foot.

When doing Free Motion Quilting , Lee recommends using Bernina's Stitch Regulator which keeps stitches evenly spaced.

The Ruler Foot rides against the edge of rulers and has attachments for circles.

The Walking Foot moves fabric from the top and has it's own feed dogs.

And lastly, the Free Motion Couching Foot can guide cording while doing free motion quilting.

Ellen Quillen presented Show n' Tell. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Happy quilting, 

Elizabeth Morgan, Secretary

May 21, 2021

Triad Modern Quilt Guild - Upcoming events

 Please mark your calendars for the following events:

May 25, 2021 - Zoom Event

Lee Monroe of May Chappell will be demonstrating the use of a variety of sewing machine feet.  We know the standard sewing foot and the walking foot, and maybe we have used an embroidery foot.  Now Lee will show us what magic the other specialty feet can perform.

June 22, 2021 - In Person Event at South Fork Community Center!

Join us for an ice cream social and a Christmas in (almost) July event.  Won’t it be great to see each other again?  Please bring ideas for handmade Christmas and holiday ornaments and gifts.  Be ready to show your handmade item and provide instructions (or information on where to get instructions.)  Or just visit and eat ice cream! 

July 27, 2021 - Blended Zoom and in-Person Event

Heather Givans of Crimson Tate will be our featured speaker.  Heather is a Windham Fabrics designer and shop owner from Indianapolis, IN.  She will be joining us via Zoom and we will watch from South Fork or the comfort of our homes.

August 24, 2021 - Blended Zoom and in-Person Event

Timna Tarr is a modern quilt designer who has visited us in the past.  Her workshops include working with color and making fabric maps. We had hoped to have her for workshops last year, but COVID happened.  This year, Timna will be joining us via Zoom and we will watch from South fork or from home.

April 21, 2021

 April 21, 2021

Roseanne Morgan opened the meeting at 6:30 pm via zoom.

Currently, Southfork Community Center closes at 6pm, so we will continue to meet via zoom until further notice.

To access the MQG for the first time, your username is your email address. Set up your profile, and you will receive an invite via email.

Ellen Quillen suggested a once a month "Sit and Stitch", which will be on the first Tuesday of the month. The first one will be April 6th.

Beverly Swaim, has donated 3 quilts and lots of lotion to Senior Services. Items needed for April are small containers of shampoo and conditioner. Please drop off at her home between April 10-18. Her address is 2960 Kedron Ct. (look for the yellow door) Her phone # is (336)655-4186.

Ann Monroe and Sheri Colette need volunteers to  finish 6 quilts  for Senior Services.

Kara Libby asked those who participated in the recent swap share their bowl cozy.

The Spring Swap will be fabric baskets. Sign up is by March 30th and are due May 25th.

We will have a speaker for April's meeting on EPP (English Paper Piecing). More information will follow.

Roseanne presented the program with  videos on how cotton is processed, how thread is made, and how fabric is printed..

Show and Tell followed the program. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:08 pm.

Happy quilting, Elizabeth  Morgan,( with notes provided by Heather Zifchak)

March 15, 2021

Triad Modern Quilt Guild

 Ann Monroe opened the meeting  on 2/23/21cat 6:30pm,with 18 participants.

She asked if there was any feedback from those attending Quilt Con- there were several

glitches. MQG will offer refunds if necessary.

Karen Camm reported that we have two new members- Jennifer and Hannah.

Beth Swaim has collected two large bags of dental supplies for Senior Services.

For March she is collecting lotion, lip balm and moisturizers and liquid soap

 which you can leave on her front porch at 2960 Kedron Ct.  Phone # 336 655-4186.

 Please drop off March 6-14.  She needs donation quilts finished at 48-60".

Bowl cozies are swaps for March. Another project will be announced by Kara Libby for April.

Heather Zifchak will send an email to promote orders for Mrs. Pumpkins items. 

There will be an upcoming raffle for the Featherweight machine.

Sheri Colette has 5 quilts to be quilted and needs volunteers. Towana, Cynthia,

 Elizabeth and Heather offered to help.

Rosanne, program chm., mentioned upcoming programs:

March:  Cotton- from field to manufacturing

April:  English Paper Piecing (EPP)

May:  Sewing machine Feet and uses

August:    A workshop with Timna Tarr focusing on color and stitched mosaics

                ( more information to follow)

Ann Monroe introduced tonight's program and thanked the volunteers for their book reviews.

Ellen Quillen  presented "Modern Patchwork Home" which featured 1 page explanations of 

Flying Geese, EPP, Foundation Paper Piecing, and Curves, This book is not for a beginner.

Cynthia Lees presented "Kaffe Fassett"s redo of Antique Quilts from the 1800's.

 which is more like a coffee table book. It features redo's of several types of quilts from FPP

 to hand-pieced with Y seams.

Heather Zifchak presented" Tilda's World Studio" by Tone Finnenger which has 50 crafts, stuffed animals

,etc. with easy readable patterns, to scale templates, which lend themselves to using scraps.

This book is good for a beginner and younger person. Heather showed a hair bow she made from

 scraps. Tilda's is on Facebook and Instagram.

Ann Monroe reviewed Walk and Walk 2.0 by Jacquie Gering . A walking foot does better with straight

 line quilting . If you have dual feed on your machine you don't always need a walking foot.

Walk 2.0 is more advanced than Walk, in which some of the designs used were argyle, gentle curves,

 sashiko  and straight line quilting.

Lee Monroe introduced us to "Sew n' Quilt" by Susan Beal,  This book has basics with small projects

 geared for teens and young adults.  It is a good book for learning embroidery, patchwork, and

construction of bags. Originally from NC, the author shows things she likes to quilt and documents

 stories about them.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 23rd at 6:30 pm. 

You will receive  zoom invitation prior to the meeting.

Happy quilting, Elizabeth Morgan