February 19, 2021

Triad Modern Quilt Guild- Feb 19, 2021

 Sherri Colette opened the zoom meeting at 6:30 pm. January 26th

Tonight's program is Showcasing Heirloom Quilts and Needlework.

Visitor, Hannah Edwards, was welcomed.

All members ,outgoing and incoming, were thanked for their service.

Board Reports:

Treasurer, Karen Camm,  reported that there are 24 paid members. If you haven't

paid your dues you can send them via Paypal to Karen.

Social Media- Ellen Quillen asked that you send her a message if you don't want

 something shared on Instagram or Facebook.

Fundraising- Heather Zifchak reported that we will  continue doing Mrs. Pumpkin's.

We make $5.00 for each chicken pie sold, and there is no inventory or risk involved.

Swaps- Kara mentioned we'll be making quilted bowls. Requirements are they will be delivered

or mailed by March 23rd. If you wear a nametag to a meeting, you will receive extra raffle tickets.

Community Outreach- Beverly Swaim is collecting dental health products for Social Services

between Feb. 4-14, and also donated  Quilts sized 45-60 inches can be left at her home,

Her address is 2960 Kedron Ct., Winston- Salem. (336)655-4186.

Quilt Con has opened back up for registration. Lee Monroe reported that most of 

the lectures have room, and quite a few classes have openings. All classes are pre-recorded 

and can be re-watched during Quilt Con.

Programs- Roseanne Morgan introduced Ann Monroe who is in charge of February's

program which is reviewing several fairly new quilt books. Each volunteer will

 spend 5 minutes describing her favorite part of the assigned book.

Modern Patchwork Home- Ellen Quillen

Sew and Quilt and Tilda- Heather Zifchak

Handmade Getaway - Ann Monroe

Kaffe  Quilts in America- Cynthia Lees

The meeting in March will explore Cotton- from field to manufacturing.

Several members shared their  beautiful heirloom quilts and needlework.

Our next meeting is February 23rd. you will receive a zoom invite to the meeting. 

Be sure to bring your show n' tell !

Happy Quilting, 

Elizabeth Morgan, Secretary

January 25, 2021

Zoom link sent for January 2021 meeting

 Hi All,

I have sent a zoom link for tonight’s meeting to paid member’s email addresses.  If you have paid, but have not received a link, I might have misspelled your e-dress.  Please send me an email and I will send you an invite and will correct the address list. 

If you have forgotten to pay but still intend to, please send me an email and I will send you an invitation.

If you would like to be a guest at tonight’s meeting, please send me an email and I will send you an invitation.

My email is Flyergrad79 @ gmail.com

See you tonight!

January 13, 2021

Triad MQG meeting reminder 1/26/2021 6:30 pm via Zoom

Hi Everyone!

At the next meeting of the TMQG we will showcase the work of our ancestors.  We are looking for photos of heirloom quilts, crochet, knitting, embroidery, and other needlework. Please send photos by January 20 to:

 flyergrad79 @ gmail.com

It won’t be a program without your contributions!

Guests may contribute to and attend the meeting.  If you were not a TMQG member last year, please send an email to flyergrad79 @ gmail.com and I will make sure you get a Zoom invitation.

Karen Camm is collecting dues for 2021.  Please send her your $40 check, made out to Triad Modern Quilt Guild.  Also, we would like to build a membership directory so please include your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address (If comfortable with this.)


C/O Karen Camm

970 Arbor Rd

Winston Salem, NC  27104

By Laws

A small committee worked to update and simplify the by laws.  They are posted below.  We would like to discuss and possibly vote on the by laws at the January meeting.  Please take a moment to read them.

Triad Modern Quilt Guild By-Laws

(Revised January 2021)

Article I:  Purpose

The purpose of the Triad Modern Quilt Guild (Triad MQG) is to further members’ modern quilting skills and to educate the community on modern and non-traditional quilting.

Article II:  Executive Board

The Triad MQG Executive Board is intended to offer the guild oversight and leadership based upon the individuals’ willingness to serve the guild.  The Executive Board of the Triad MQG will consist of:

1.  President

2.  Past President

3.  Vice President for Programs

4.  Treasurer

5.  Secretary and Membership

 Executive Board members are asked to:

1.  Contribute their experience and expertise to discussions related to the modern quilting movement;

2.  Encourage and develop relationships with individuals and organizations that may contribute to the Triad MQG educational programs;

3.  Develop membership through contacts within the quilting community;

4.  Encourage member involvement in the community through Guild relationships with local non-profit organizations;

5.  Attend (at least quarterly) scheduled Board meetings in order to conduct business that impacts the mission of the Guild.

Each year, the Guild will elect new officers: President, VP/ Programs, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Election shall be by a two-thirds (⅔) majority of all the members present at the designated meeting.  All active members with fully paid dues are eligible to volunteer for a position on the Executive Board.  Board members will serve for the January - December fiscal year.

Board members may volunteer for a position for more than one term, however, the Treasurer may not serve any longer than two consecutive terms.  It is advisable that Board members exit the Board periodically, to allow others the opportunity to serve and to provide fresh input to the Guild.  Outgoing Board members are asked to work with replacement members with transfer of duties.  Specific duties of each office include the following:

The President shall be responsible for:

1.  Conducting regular monthly meetings, 

2.  Chairing (at least) quarterly Board meetings, 

3.  Overseeing updates to the By-Laws;

4.  Securing coordinators for item swap/ challenge, fund raising, community outreach, social media, and other committees; 

5.  Carrying out any corrective action (if needed) towards members; and 

6.  Performing other duties as required.

The Past President shall be responsible for:

1.  Providing guidance to the Board;

2.  Sharing experience with the Board; and 

3.  Conducting the monthly meeting in the absence of the President.

The VP for Programs shall be responsible for:

1.  Securing programs for monthly meetings;

2.  Scheduling national speakers and workshops as funds allow, 

3.  Securing activities such as sew-ins; and

4.  Providing information on other quilting events, as available.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for:

1.  Receiving and accounting for all Guild monies;

2.  Disbursing funds as authorized by the Board;

3.  Maintaining a permanent records of all funds;

4.  Being signatory of any/all accounts linked to the guild; 

5.  Ensuring that all member dues are current and paid,

6.  Providing a brief financial report at each monthly meeting and as needed; and

7.  Collecting fees at the door for national speakers, generally $5 for members and $10 for guests.

The Secretary shall be responsible for:

1.  Keeping notes of monthly meetings;

2.  Keeping a permanent record of all meetings, including, but not limited to, meeting notes;

3.  Posting minutes and event announcements to the blog; 

4.  Inputting interested persons’ email addresses to the blog list;

5. Maintaining accurate membership lists on the Modern Quilt Guild website;

6. Providing a membership directory to all members;

7.  Providing raffle tickets to monthly meeting attendees; and 

8.  Assisting the Treasurer, as needed, during meetings where monies are collected.

Article III:  Coordinators

Coordinators shall report to the President and/or Executive Board.  They may form groups to assist them in their duties, as needed.  Coordinators do not hold any authority except that which is granted to them by the Executive Board.  Terms are for one year, however, a member may volunteer for multiple terms.

Swap/ Challenge Coordinator:

1.  Organizes two or three item swaps per year, either internally, or with other Guilds;

2.  Setting a calendar for swap related activities; and

3.  Attending meetings to lead and direct swap related activities.

Fundraising Coordinator:

1.  Promotes and guides the guild through activities to raise monies, as needed by the guild.

Social Media Coordinator:

1. Maintains the internet presence of the Triad MQG on FaceBook and Instagram; and 

2.  Posts announcements of events and meetings.

Community Outreach Coordinator:

1.  Encourages the making of donation quilts (45” to 60” in size) for our designated non-profit organization; and

2.  Collects and delivers the donated quilts and any other items that the NPO requests and the Triad MQG members donate.

Article IV:  Members

Members shall be engaged in or interested in modern quilting.  Membership dues are $40 per year.  Each member is eligible to:

1.  Volunteer to hold an elected office;

2.  Serve as coordinator or on a committee; and

3.  Vote in elections for officers and/or on other issues brought before the membership.

Members are asked to:

1.  Pay annual dues by the January meeting of the current year (new members may join at any time);

2.  Attend meetings and sponsored workshops;

3.  Volunteer to participate in educational programming as a speaker or with technique demonstration;  

4.   Assist with fund raising; and

5.  Donate quilts and/or other requested items to our designated community non-profit organization.

Members may bring guests.  Guests may attend two meetings without a fee.  However, meetings with national speakers may incur a charge of $5 for members and $10 for non-members to help defray the costs of obtaining the speakers.  Guests wishing to attend more than two meetings are asked to join.  They may join at any time by paying the $40 dues.

Article V:  Use of Funds

No part of the net earnings 0f the guild shall be for the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, leaders, officers, coordinators, or other private persons except monies paid as reasonable compensation for services and/ or supplies.  Members should seek approval from the President and/or Executive Board before purchasing supplies or services for the Guild.  Reimbursements for supplies shall be made only with the presentation of a valid, original receipt.  The Executive Board retains the right to refuse reimbursements that were not pre-approved.

Article VI:  Amendments

The Triad MQG bylaws will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Executive Board.  Proposed changes must be submitted to the Secretary at least one month prior to the meeting in which a vote will occur.  The Secretary will post the proposed revision on the blog at least two weeks prior to the meeting. 

The Triad MQG bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Triad MQG by a two-thirds (⅔) of all the present members.  

Article VII:  Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the Triad MQG, any and all funds remaining in the treasury shall be donated to local non-profit organization(s).  The recipient(s) will be determined by a majority vote of the members of the Executive Board.

December 26, 2020

January 2021 Meeting and Other News

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the TMQG.  This past year has been challenging in many ways, but, on the good side, we probably had more time to sew.  Let’s hope that 2021 will see us getting back to a more normal life where we can meet again in person.

Community Outreach

And speaking about sewing, please consider making quilts to donate to Forsyth Co Senior Services.  If you need fabric or batting, contact Ann Monroe for materials.  Completed quilts should be 45” - 60” by 45” - 60” (squares or rectangles).  Just think, a small quilt would be the perfect size to attempt a new technique and/or domestic machine quilting!

Officer News

Let’s give a hearty “THANK YOU!” to our outgoing officers and committee coordinators.  If it wasn’t for the women who volunteer their time, we wouldn’t have this group with whom to share our passion for fabric, thread, color, and pattern.  It took us a little while to pick up  programs as the pandemic dragged on, but Annalise accepted the challenge like the trooper that she is!  Bethany organized our Zoom technology.  Cynthia managed our money well.  And swaps were arranged by Coleen; unfortunately, her efforts were derailed by the pandemic.  Many thanks to these women for what they did for our guild in 2020.

Please welcome our new officers for 2021:

Past President - Sherri Colette

President - (Would you be willing to volunteer?)

VP/ Programs - Roseanne Morgan

Treasurer - Karen Camm

Secretary - Elizabeth Morgan

Social Media - Ellen Quillen

Community Outreach - Beth Swaim + Ann Monroe

Swaps - Kara Libby

Fundraising - Heather Zifchak

Annual Membership Renewal

Dues for the year are $40.00.  This covers membership in the Triad Modern Quilt Guild for the year (11 meetings, Jan - Nov) and membership in the Modern Quilt Guild.  Membership in the MQG gives you regular informational emails, access to webinars and patterns on the MQG website, and early access to QuiltCon registration.  We ask that you send your dues in as soon as possible.  Please send your check (payable to the Triad Modern Quilt Guild) to:


C/O Karen Camm

970 Arbor Rd

Winston Salem, NC  27104

***  With permission from each of you, we would like to establish a membership contact list (at least email addresses) FOR TMQG MEMBERS ONLY.  Please include with your check your email address and consider providing your mailing address, and/or your phone number; whatever you are comfortable with.  We MUST have your email in order to send links to the Zoom meetings.  The other information would be helpful so that we can remain in contact with each other this coming year.  ***

January Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, at 6:30 pm.  At this meeting, which will be on Zoom, we would like to showcase our families’ heirloom quilts and needle work.  Please send photos of 2 - 4 items with overall views and close-ups of workmanship.  Please be prepared to say a few words about the ancestor who did the work and the work itself.  We will curate a slide show with your submissions.  ALSO, if you have any of your new work for Show and Tell, please send those photos as well!

Send your photos and a brief description of the work to flyergrad79 at gmail.com by January 18, 2021.

By-Laws Update

The TMQG By Laws were extremely out-of-date, so a small committee set out to update them.  They are now with the officers and committee coordinators for a final review.  They will be submitted to TMQG members via the blog mid-January for a January meeting vote.

See you in January!